Why YOU should blame him too.

Friday, April 30, 2010

How it Stated

All of a sudden it's a Bahrain trending topic, and slowly taking over the middle east, mwahahaha (evil laugh)

What is this #BlameAhmedZainal stuff?

Simple. Bahrain's Twitterers (is that a word?) decided to meet up for a geekup. Espalion Cafe, 7:30pm. Simple enough, yeah? Obviously since geeks are almost always guys and most girls are generally women who play with fluffy pencils and paint their nails pink, the geekup was a bunch of guys sitting around talking about IP addresses, hotspot sheild, rapidshare vs bittorrent, and streaming the whole thing live for the world to see via Ustream.

We all went home happy and the following conversation ensued over twitter:

@ammar456: Good to see all u at the geekup 2nite, next one is road twip to Kuwait! @ahmedzainal @BoilingIce @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal @eyade etc..

@naseeeee: (a girl, who wanted to come to the geekup but wasn't sure if there were going to be any other girls - obviously cuz its a bunch of geeks - said) @ammar456 @ahmedzainal @BoilingIce @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal @eyade ya3ni el banaat kela bara el salfa !!

@boilingice: @Naseeeee @ammar456 @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal @eyade I blame @ahmedzainal for this :P

@eyade: I blame @ahmedzainal for everything, it's a trending topic @BoilingIce @Naseeeee @ammar456 @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal #BlameZainal

@redbelt: My kid won't sleep. Thanks Zainal! #BlameZainal

@cecedesouza: @eyade @ahmedzainal @BoilingIce @Naseeeee @ammar456 @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal Lemme help... #BlameZainal, #BlameZainal, #BlameZainal!!!

@ammar456: keep going all: #BlameZainal #BlameZainal #BlameZainal!! @cecedesouza @eyade @ahmedzainal @BoilingIce @Naseeeee @Redbelt @funaki @baderkamal

And there it started... But accidentally, through just blaming Zainal, a whole family of people was involved in the blame, and suddenly...

@HasanZainal: Am missing somthing here!? RT @Redbelt My kid won't sleep. Thanks Zainal! #BlameZainal

Uh oh... Ok, quick measures to be taken:

@ammar456: Guys we need to be more specific as innocent zainals are getting blamed too.. So #BlameAhmedZainal @HasanZainal @eyade @Redbelt @BoilingIce

And so it took off... Within a couple of hours, it seemed everyone was blaming Ahmed Zainal, and with that, a load of stress and troubles was taken off their minds...

Stay Tuned for the next post; "The Best of #BlameAhmedZainal !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some favourite random #BlameAhmedZainal's

@HasanZainal: Khabbaz puts less cheese in khobez jeben #blameAhmedZainal

@ammar456: Dinosaurs died like 100 milion years ago #BlameAhmedZainal

@yazzy7illi: Oh well! #BlameAhmedZainal RT @BuBarrak: I downloaded a twitter version that sucks.. I can't write anything on a RT

@iAmeera: #BlameAhmedZainal RT @NooraHadi: Not sunday again :(

@maymalk: I #BlameAhmedZainal.. OK?RT @ahmedzainal: not all men cheat.. *sigh* women.. RT @maymalk: @Maysa_MHS I don't get why men want to cheat... :S

@NaseemF: Ugh. #blameahmedzainal

@Lamya: Loool RT: @omar9944 CNN reports that George Bush #BlameAhmedZainal for 9/11

@Anwar_Janahi: My Butt Itches.... #BlameAhmedZainal

@ahmed2250: Twitter is distracting today because of all the #BlameAhmedZainal and for that I really #BlameAhmedZainal

@baderkamal: Global Warming = #BlameAhmedZainal

@ahmedzainal could not be reached for comments...

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