Why YOU should blame him too.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some favourite random #BlameAhmedZainal's

@HasanZainal: Khabbaz puts less cheese in khobez jeben #blameAhmedZainal

@ammar456: Dinosaurs died like 100 milion years ago #BlameAhmedZainal

@yazzy7illi: Oh well! #BlameAhmedZainal RT @BuBarrak: I downloaded a twitter version that sucks.. I can't write anything on a RT

@iAmeera: #BlameAhmedZainal RT @NooraHadi: Not sunday again :(

@maymalk: I #BlameAhmedZainal.. OK?RT @ahmedzainal: not all men cheat.. *sigh* women.. RT @maymalk: @Maysa_MHS I don't get why men want to cheat... :S

@NaseemF: Ugh. #blameahmedzainal

@Lamya: Loool RT: @omar9944 CNN reports that George Bush #BlameAhmedZainal for 9/11

@Anwar_Janahi: My Butt Itches.... #BlameAhmedZainal

@ahmed2250: Twitter is distracting today because of all the #BlameAhmedZainal and for that I really #BlameAhmedZainal

@baderkamal: Global Warming = #BlameAhmedZainal

@ahmedzainal could not be reached for comments...

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